What to expect?

We strive to make the child/family feel as comfortable as we can in order to obtain the most accurate assessment of the child’s current level of functioning.

When waiting for an assessment to be completed or during therapy sessions,  there is an indoor and outdoor waiting area, restroom  for parents (with Wi-Fi), and a small indoor and outdoor play area for siblings. Please supervise any children you have with you and clean up toys/books etc. before leaving.

The Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) takes approximately 3 hours. Please ensure your child dresses comfortably, with shoes and socks that can be removed easily during assessment. Please bring a snack/drink for your child too.

Patient Paperwork

Please print and return the developmental/referral form, self care and terms of service forms. A Sensory Profile will be mailed to you, for your completion prior to setting up an Assessment. All paperwork should be returned to Teeny Tots Therapy prior to having the assessment done, to allow the therapist time to review the paperwork before meeting your child and being able to complete a thorough evaluation.