4 years old and older: The Private Occupational Therapy Evaluation includes a thorough evaluation of sensory needs [Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT)], clinical observations, handwriting sample and visual perceptual tests, and takes about 3 hours to administer. A written report and half hour parent conference to discuss the findings is offered about a week after the assessment, once the tests have been scored and report generated.   $655.00

Birth to 4 years of age: The Private Occupational Therapy Evaluation includes a thorough evaluation of sensory needs, clinical observations, functional, age appropriate skills, and takes between 90-120 minutes to administer.  A written report is prepared and given to parents, once the test items have been scored and report generated.  $495.00

School Assessment: Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) i.e. School based Occupational Therapy Evaluation, includes a thorough evaluation of fine and gross motor skills, using standardized assessments, visual perceptual tests, handwriting sample, sensory needs, classroom observation/teacher interview and a written report. This assessment takes from 120-150 minutes to administer, and is performed at the school site. $755.00 IEP attendance is additional and billed at the hourly wage.

Please note: The cost of the evaluations is rarely covered in full by health insurance companies and remain the responsibility of the parents. Payment for the Occupational Therapy Evaluation is expected on the day of the Evaluation. Other services are billed monthly at month end. Terms are strictly 30 days.

Occupational Therapy services are sensory integration based but can include one or more of the following programs:
Deep Pressure Proprioceptive Technique (formerly called Brushing and Joint Compression Program) for sensory defensiveness and overall neurological organization.

How Does Your Engine Run? – a self regulation program
Handwriting Without Tears – CA adopted handwriting program
Brain Gym
Therapeutic Listening program for auditory sensitivity and to promote auditory processing
Integrated Listening System for auditory sensitivity, attentional concerns and to assist with overall auditory processing
Home Programs – sensory based activities for use in the homeschool setting.

Sessions are individual (one to one child/therapist ratio)     – $115.00/hour
Sessions are 50 minutes long and billed at 60 minutes to allow for treatment notes and transition time between clients

Annual or Bi-Annual Progress Report (per parent request) – $115.00
Re-Evaluation (standardized testing occurs during regular treatment session) and includes a written report – $205.00
Discharge Report (per parent request) – $115.00
Consultation to Educational staff, Medical professionals, Parents/Family – $115/hour
Independent Education Plan (preparation and attendance) – $115/hour
Transport to provide therapy services/attend meetings etc – $115/hour

Expert Witness- record review, telephone/preparation/consultation and court time   – $195/hour